Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mediterranean Stuffed Pork Chops
Yesterday I took a trip to McEwan, a grocery store created by Mark McEwan that is located at the Don Mills Shops. Most have probably heard of his restaurants North 44, Bymark and One Restaurant. Or perhaps you watched his show The Heat on the Food Network. Smart idea, promoting yourself through a show displaying all the hard work that goes into opening up a store. But before you race for a shopping cart beware that this is as high end supermarket. If you are searching for Australian Waygu or craving a meal crafted by the man himself than its the place for you. Don't come if you want some button mushrooms and milk.  I bought one Maryland crab cake, I repeat one, for $6. I did forget to read the heating instructions on the front, which might have affected the flavour, cause all I tasted was salty crab. I still think that's steep considering someone would pay that much at a restaurant with service and ambiance.

My Summerlicious included a visit to Centro Restauarant. I was expecting an unforgettable meal but of course my expectations were far too high. This doesn't mean the food wasn't good, it just didn't blow me away. I had a cold melon soup, which was a refreshing app. offering notes of pepper, cantaloupe, mint and a cleansing dollop of goat cheese (there was also olive dust, which I could not taste).

My server put on a show, ensuring that each utensil was symmetrical, moving his hands across the table like a painter, all with a smile on his face. He either loved his job or was mocking me and my friend. Then there was the B.C. rainbow trout, with a crispy crust spread over top capers, squash and zucchini - I think. Fish won't be the same without that toasted skin!

The risotto cake (a glorified rice ball) needed more crispness and the arugula salad was boring in my opinion. I think vegetarians deserve better than dates and toasted walnuts, even if they are glazed.

I opted for some orange sorbet as a dessert that came with a shortbread cookie and candied orange. There was nothing original about this or the salad of shaved fruit. Part of me understands why they might get lazy creating a menu for Summerlicious. This restaurant  probably has tons of customers willing to spend money on overpriced food. But at the same time, they should make something that will keep people coming back. I am always willing to spend money on good food but I need to be seduced and teased first.