Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I can believe it's not butter

The Yak plays an important role for the Tibetans; it is a source of food, clothing, fuel and travel. Butter is turned into Godly art during the 15th of January. The Tibetans create sculptures and lanterns out of Yak's milk for an annual festival in Lhasa. Preparation takes place months ahead when the butter is hand made and painted into flowers and religious figures that can reach several feet in height.

I came across this piece of information while reading Fat by Jennifer McLagan.


  1. Now I love this piece of information. I guess they must have do it in the winter time so the butter does not melt.
    How interesting.
    On the other hand is this little excessive playing with food for the buddhist society?

  2. The butter scuptures are used to celebrate the Tibetan New Year. It is part of the Buddhist tradition and represents their founder Sakyamuni. His sculpture was brought to Tibet by Princess Wencheng from the Tang Dynasty.