Monday, May 17, 2010

What would your last meal be?

This question was first proposed to me while I watched At the Table with Anthony Bourdain. The talk show aired on the Discovery channel as an extension to No Reservations. Unfortunately it never took off, probably because of the panel including Bill Buford, Amy Sacco, Ted Allen and Chris Wilson. The conversation topics were intriguing but the panel pushed too hard to be controversial and appeared snobbish. The highlight was Wylie Dufresne's menu from his restaurant wd-50 in New York. As always Anthony was shameless and charismatic. I love everything about this man - his book Medium Raw just came out on June 8th. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an autographed copy.

Your going to be in the electric chair tomorrow, what are you hungry for?
Most of the panel chose a nostalgic meal their mother made or something that reminded them of home, i.e., spaghetti and meatballs, bacon and brussel sprouts and cornbread. Some other choices included pork ribs, marrow, shake and bake pork, bolognese pasta and KFC.

My last meal:
1.Breaded and fried pork
Mashed potatoes sprinkled with dill and a dollop of mayo on top
Cucumber salad on the side(Eastern European style, marinated in sour cream, sugar, pepper and dill).

2.White sausage soup with hard boiled eggs
- this meal is a speciality, traditionally served for Easter breakfast, I can never get enough

I prefer a home cooked meal as my last supper over anything commercial. My picks stem surprisingly from my Polish background. Perhaps after I eat the foods off my wish list (foie gras and truffles) I will change my mind.

A whole book devoted to the topic:

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  1. If you are Polish then you call the breaded pork: schabowe (shabova)
    and that nice cucumber salad that you would eat is MIZERIA
    as for sour soup with white sausages you may call it in Polish WHITE BORSHSCH.
    Here you go : Smacznego - Good appetite.